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Spinbrush Replacement Heads
Replacement heads are made for all ProClean, Pro Whitening, Pro Sensitive, ProClean Recharge, ProClean SONIC Battery and ProClean SONIC Recharge toothbrushes.
Pro Series Replacement Heads  
Pro Series
Replacement Heads
  • Spinbrush Pro Series brush heads do not fit on ProClean SONIC battery or rechargeable brushes.
  • To remove Pro Series brush heads, twist counter-clockwise 90 degrees and pull away from the handle. Slide the new head on and twist clockwise 90 degrees until arrows are aligned.
  SOnic Replacement Heads  
ProClean SONIC
Replacement Heads
  • Spinbrush ProClean SONIC brush heads do not fit on ProClean, Pro Whitening or Pro Sensitive battery or rechargeable brushes.
  • To remove ProClean SONIC brush heads, pull brush head away from the handle, and slide on a new brush head.